Fijians were recently voted the happiest, most relaxed nation on earth. So lucky for you, we put Fiji in a bottle.

FijiKava is more than a company; it's a journey intertwining heritage, innovation, and resilience. Rooted in Australia, we are proud to be the world’s first listed kava company (ASX:CCO) and the only foreign company sanctioned by the Fijian Government to operate in the treasured kava industry.

Our mission? To cultivate the highest quality Noble Kava in the fertile heartlands of Fiji, developing natural remedies that calm the nerves, relax muscles, and invite mental tranquility. Our unique alliances with fair-trade farmers and the TUTU RURAL Training Centre, coupled with our state-of-the-art processing facility, ensure consistency, quality, and sustainability at every level of our operations.

Navigating the challenges of our times, we've pivoted towards a model that supports local communities, fortifies our supply chain, and ensures that the Fijian spirit of joy, calm, and relaxation reverberates in each kava product we share with the world.

In the sections that follow, we invite you to embark on this journey with us. Together, we'll delve into the threads that weave the rich tapestry of FijiKava: from our finest Noble Kava, through the heart of our operations, to the resilience and hope that propel us forward.

man holding a kava plant

Excellence in Kava Quality:
Our Integrated Approach at FijiKava

At FijiKava, our dedication to quality is reflected in our comprehensive approach to cultivating, processing, and delivering Noble Kava. Our detailed process encompasses partnerships with local farmers, rigorous scientific research, advanced facility management, and a commitment to transparency and traceability. 

1. Partnership with Local Farmers:

Our business model fosters close relationships with commercial farmers across Fiji. Our substantial database allows us to connect with farmers who have cultivated a minimum of 10,000 kava plants, qualifying them as commercial suppliers. Our fair trade practices allow farmers to receive premium prices for their kava, stimulating economic growth within local communities. Our partnership with the TUTU RURAL Training Centre (TRTC) further ensures that we receive a significant supply of Noble Kava, cultivated in Fiji's fertile, organic soils and nurtured using traditional farming techniques. More on TRCT below.

2. Scientific Selection of Noble Kava Varieties:

Utilising cutting-edge plant technology and meticulous scientific research, we've identified specific Noble Kava varieties from the 200 known types across the South Pacific. These varieties contain optimal kavalactone levels—the active ingredient found in the root of the plant—resulting in chemotype profiles that facilitate calming effects and increased mind-body relaxation in our products.

3. Consistency through Grouping Noble Kava Varieties:

A decade of relentless research into plant technology enables us to group kavalactones and chemotype profiles from a handful of varieties for consistent quality across our product range. Our chosen varieties for water extraction maintain nearly identical chemotype profiles, with the highest kavalactone levels being prioritised. This ensures that each serving from every batch delivers a consistent calming effect.

4. State-of-the-art Facilities and Advanced Technology:

Our state-of-the-art facility on Viti Levu, Fiji's main island, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our proprietary processes ensure our products meet strict international standards in export markets and batch to batch consistency from farm to shelf.

5. Pure and Ethical Extraction Process:

We strictly adhere to a 100% water extraction method, which aligns with the ethos provided by the Ministry of Agriculture's Fiji Kava Quality Manual. This ensures that our products contain no artificial chemicals or contaminants. We prioritise our kava's quality and purity, accepting higher wastage in our production process to deliver a product that truly stands as the "root of all good."

6. Traceable and Transparent Supply Chain:

Our vertically integrated supply chain facilitates complete traceability of our kava, from the farms in Fiji to the global market. By eliminating middlemen, we establish direct relationships with farmers, ensuring transparency in our supply chain. Each batch of kava is marked with a unique lot number, allowing customers to trace their products back to individual farmers or farmer aggregations. As a publicly listed Australian company, we're proud to be the first and only foreign company approved by the Fiji Government to operate in the kava industry, reaffirming our trust and commitment to quality.

Through these detailed processes and strategic partnerships, FijiKava provides the world's most trusted Noble Kava. Upholding our commitment to quality, fairness, and transparency, we offer consistent, premium-quality products that truly encapsulate the soothing and relaxing properties of kava.

Empowering Communities

Our Partnerships with Fair-Trade Farmers

At FijiKava, our mission extends beyond crafting superior products. It reaches into the heart of over 200 local Fijian farming communities, where we have nurtured sustainable partnerships that are at the core of our operations.

One partnership that stands out is with the TUTU RURAL Training Centre, an institution that perfectly marries education with practical farming. It's a place that's half school, half farm, and brimming with community spirit. Each year, it sees 57 students getting their hands dirty by planting over 90,000 kava crops, learning the ins and outs of farming, while simultaneously bolstering the local economy.

We further strengthen these communities by purchasing kava directly from the farmers, including TRTC graduates, at premium prices - thus cutting out the middleman. This approach not only assures the farmers' economic well-being but also guarantees us a consistent, high-quality kava supply.

The relationship we foster with the farmers creates a win-win scenario, bolstering the resilience and sustainability of the kava industry. It's a virtuous cycle that begins with the planting of a kava cutting and culminates in a satisfied FijiKava customer, all underpinned by a shared respect for our farmers, consumers, and the environment.


Kava worker holding kava root
Kava seeding farm

Our Partnership With the TUTU RURAL Training Centre

FijiKava's partnership with the TUTU RURAL Training Centre (TRTC) transcends the boundaries of typical business relationships. It is a tapestry of shared dreams, sustainable growth, community empowerment, and transformative success. For over 30 years, TRTC has stood as a beacon of enlightenment, equipping rural Fijians with the vital skills that help their communities thrive and flourish.

Key Elements of Our Partnership:

  • Empowering Local Farmers: Each year, we join hands with TRTC to train 57 individuals, instilling in them the rich wisdom of kava cultivation. This encompasses everything from mastering sustainable agriculture practices to differentiating and nurturing diverse kava strains. It's a journey of growth, taking novice farmers and transforming them into confident, skilled cultivators.
  • Fostering Self-reliance: As part of the training, students are inspired to plant approximately 2,600 kava crops annually. This effort combines cultivating 1,000 crops in their local communities with an additional 1,600 at TRTC, nurturing a sense of ownership, self-reliance, and significant contributions to the local kava production.
  • Enhancing Post-Training Support: We believe in the power of lifelong learning. Beyond the initial training, we extend our support to these new farmers, offering guidance and feedback to further refine their skills and ensure their farming practices remain in alignment with our sustainability and quality standards.
  • Quality and Purity: Our training doesn't stop at cultivation. We educate the farmers on how to segregate different kava strains, an integral step in maintaining the premium quality and purity that FijiKava is renowned for.
  • Building Sustainable Communities: This partnership goes beyond the training program. It's a vision for stronger, more resilient communities, unified by a shared commitment to sustainable growth and economic independence.

Our collaboration with the TRTC encapsulates our mutual commitment to preserving the revered legacy of Fijian kava while elevating the lives of its cultivators. Each cup of FijiKava symbolises this dedication, whispering a tale of a vibrant, sustainable future for Fijian kava, and the hardworking communities that pour their hearts into bringing it to life.


Kava farm

The PHAMA Plus Program has been instrumental in supporting agricultural development in the region. By partnering with them, we were able to donate Tutu with a fully equipped nursery that will help boost their local farming capabilities.

partnership with TUTU Rural Training Centre

Pictured left to right - Pita Tagicakirewa, Permanent Secretary for iTaukei Affairs, Navitalai Tuivuniwai, Country manager, PHAMA Plus Program, Father Eparama, Head of Tutu Program, and Zane Yoshida, Founder and Executive Director of Fiji Kava.

Kava farm local farmers

Group photo with staff and farmers of Tutu Rural Training Centre after the commissioning of the new commercial kava nursery on Taveuni.

Sustainability at Every Level: Building the Future at FijiKava

At FijiKava, sustainability is not a mere buzzword; it is an integral part of our ethos, woven into every aspect of our operations. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our environmental impact, enveloping the robustness of our supply chain, the well-being of our partnering farmers, and our contribution to the broader community. This multidimensional approach ensures that we are well-positioned for sustained success, both now and in the future.

1. Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chain:

Our partnership with local farmers across Fiji enables us to tap into a vast supply of kava. With each plant yielding around 5 kilograms of green kava, and an average farm hosting over 10,000 plants, the tonnage we can potentially access is substantial.

This geographically spread sourcing strategy insulates us from localised adverse weather conditions that could impact crop yields, thereby ensuring a steady and reliable supply of kava for our production needs.

This strategy not only underpins the robustness of our supply chain but also contributes to the resilience of local farming communities, providing them with a steady income and reinforcing their economic sustainability.

2. Environmental Stewardship:

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in our adherence to traditional, sustainable farming practices. The cultivation of kava is a low-impact process, with minimal water usage and no need for synthetic pesticides or fertilisers. This not only helps preserve the rich, fertile soils of Fiji but also ensures the purity and quality of our kava. We also embrace the principles outlined in the Ministry of Agriculture's Fiji Kava Quality Manual, which promotes environmentally friendly farming practices.


3. Community Sustainability:

Our fair trade approach is pivotal to fostering sustainability at the community level. By paying a premium price for the kava directly to farmers, we help stimulate local economies, contributing to a more equitable distribution of wealth. This model empowers farmers and their communities, enhancing their economic stability and creating a virtuous cycle of growth and prosperity. Our partnership with the TUTU RURAL Training Centre is another facet of this commitment, as it offers students an opportunity to earn a significant income through kava farming while also learning sustainable farming practices.

4. Market Sustainability:

The growing global demand for natural health solutions presents a significant opportunity for FijiKava. Our commitment to providing high-quality, pure Noble Kava products places us in a strong position to capitalise on this trend. Furthermore, our adherence to transparent and traceable supply chain practices aligns with the increasing consumer demand for ethical and sustainable products.

By integrating sustainability into every level of our operations, FijiKava is not only setting itself up for future success but also contributing positively to our environment and our communities. This forward-thinking, comprehensive approach to sustainability reinforces our position as a trusted provider of Noble Kava and affirms our commitment to building a better future.


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Beyond Kava: Impacting Communities and Our Vision for the Future

As we reflect on the journey that FijiKava has undertaken, our vision reaches far beyond the cultivation and distribution of kava. We see our work as an integral part of the fabric that weaves together communities, both locally and globally.

Our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and community remains our guiding light, driving us forward in our pursuit of growth and expansion.

Looking ahead, we foresee a future where kava transcends its traditional context, assuming a pivotal role in holistic health and wellness across the globe. In this vision, FijiKava emerges not only as a provider of high-quality kava products but as a trusted partner in people's journey towards improved well-being.

With a deep-seated respect for our roots and an eye on the future, we remain committed to our mission of sharing the beneficial properties of kava with the world, one cup at a time.